I pledge to make my customers feel welcome and appreciated by using these 10 service standards at every opportunity. Beginning right now, I will do my part to make the U.S. Virgin Islands a more hospitable place to live and visit. I pledge to:

  • Greet customers with a smile, eye contact, and positive body language.
  • Acknowledge customers as soon as they approach my “hospitality zone”.
  • Speak first and last to all customers. Be the first to say good morning, good afternoon and make sure to make a positive parting
    remark such as, “Have a nice day!”
  • Provide helpful and accurate information. Make useful recommendations.
  • If I know the customer’s name, I’ll use it! (It makes customers feel special.)
  • If I receive a customer complaint, I will listen, apologize and agree to a solution with the customer.
  • Follow up on requests and inquires and make sure they are handled to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Answer the phone within four rings using a proper salutation, such as “Good day, may I help you?”
  • Create a positive impression to customers with a neat appearance.
  • Extend hospitality to fellow employees and customers.

Take The Pledge!

  • Click to submit this signed pledge to the Department of Tourism office to receive a customer service pledge card.

If you are a business and are interested in having your entire team sign the pledge, download the business form here.

For more information call 340-774-8784 or email lawheatley@usvitourism.vi.